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Maintenance Troubleshooting for Renters

We have compiled the below troubleshooting information to assist you with some general common faults. Please refer to the below troubleshooting information to see if your issue can be resolved here first.

The process of lighting a pilot light on a hot water unit varies as every hot water unit is different.
Storage units (Tanks) – Open from cover of door of tank and follow instructions.
Gas Boosted Solar – Turn power point off at wall first, leave it for a few minutes then turn it on. This will sometimes reset the unit.
Instantaneous – Same as solar above.
Electric – Often these are a single element which means they only heat at night time, between hours of 11pm and 6am. Therefore, they use all of the hot water and have to wait. Our advice is to leave the unit until the next morning, if there is no hot water in the morning advise your property manager as a trades person will be required.
If the above fails please contact your property manager. 

GAS or ELECTRICAL Faults at the meter
SP Ausnet works 24/7 they have an emergency line for both Gas and Electricity emergencies.
If there is a smell coming from the gas meter call the 24/7 phone number 136707
If the smell is coming from an appliance turn your gas meter off and contact your property manager.
If you have an electricity emergency contact 131799.

Greater Wester Water work 24/7 for emergencies relating to the water meter. For this the number to call is 132642
Please note – If you have an internal blockage you will need to report in writing to your property Manager as GWW do not do those.
If the meter is leaking, blocked or broken pipes on external of property GWW should be able to assist.

If you have isolation taps underneath turn those off, if you do not have isolation taps turn your mains
water supply off at the meter to avoid further damage and advise your property manager as soon as possible.

If you have a gas ducted heater that has stopped working, sometimes the pilot light may have gone out. As the unit is generally inside the roof cavity of the home the best way to restart the unit is by following the below;

1- Make sure the gas meter is turned on, the handle should be in line with the pipe (downward position)
1- Turn off all electrical items in use at the home.
2- Head to the electrical meter box, usually at front side of the home and turn of the mains power switch for around 30 seconds
3- Turn the mains power back to the ON position
4- Head back inside to the controller (thermostat) and try turning on as normal. This will reset the unit in the roof and restart the pilot light and heater should work as normal
If the above fails, please check if your wall controller/thermostat has batteries and try replacing the batteries and start steps 1-4 again
If this fails, please report to your property manager.

We also recommend checking your air return vent filter to ensure the filter is clean and free of dust/debris. As part of general cleaning regime, filters should be cleaned frequently for ultimate performance of the unit.

If your power is tripping the safety switch on the electrical meter, this can mean that an electrical item/appliance in the home is causing the power to switch off for safety reasons. An electrical item or appliance can turn faulty at any time, even new appliances can be faulty causing the power to trip. Try the following in this case:
1- Pull out all plug ins/ appliances/electrical items out of all sockets inside and outside the home, turn all switches off.
2- Start by plugging in your TV and turning the sound up (for example)
3- Go around the home and 1 by 1, plug in each item back in and switch on.
4- To identify the appliance/electrical item causing the trip, you will know when the TV flicks off as you are plugging items back in 1 by 1
5- Once you have identified the appliance or electrical item, please cease using this item as this should resolve the issue
6- If the item causing the power to trip was including with the property, i.e. OVEN- then report to your property manager
If the above fails, please contact your property manager for assistance. If an electrician is required, and the fault deemed to be the lease holders’ electrical item or appliance, the owner may seek reimbursement of the cost of the trade’s person.